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El boicot inmoral de los EEUU contra Cuba persiste aunque las grandes mayorías del mundo lo rechazan.

Una discusión para el debate sobre crímenes que llevan medio siglo y más. Denunciarlos es tarea de todos.

Esta carta está relacionada con un artículo publicado en la Revista Médica Lancet. Toca al viejo tema de las agresiones de los EEUU contra los pueblos del mundo. La condición imperial de los EEUU no ceja aunque esté en una crisis en la que solo parece poder apoyarse en el armamentismo y las amenazas.

Dear Dr Richard Horton,

It is with great interest that I have read your article, and I find it most pertinent to the concept of health as a Human Right. ( Lancet:

In Cuba, health has been made a non-negotiable right and it is obvious that, in spite of a long and immoral trade and political boycott made by the US for over 50 years, Cuba has better health, education and social protection results than any other Latin American country. In fact, the US are not able to match their results.

The US, during remote and recent history have shown no respect for peoples' rights and have made a routine of calling all people dead from their interventions as "collateral damage". This violates all covenants on human rights. Besides, thanks to their infamous School of the Americas, it has trained all kinds of human rights violators (dictators, torturers, terrorists and saboteurs, over 60,000 since 1946) who have not hesitated to bomb schools, ports, planes with enormous human damage. And, of course, to establish dictatorial governments (recently in Honduras, and more recently, Paraguay). Most Central and South American countries have suffered dictatorships where health, education and fundamental rights were disregarded. Not one has not received total support from the US.  Equity has deteriorated for the large majorities.

It is not a surprise that even in what the US call their "international missions for human rights" we can see that torture is practised by the very same US soldiers, as it has been the case in Iraq and Afghanistan. If not, look at their concentration camp in Guantanamo.

 When the US decided that they could capture borders and take over any country, -all these under their concept of "being designated by the Holly Providence"- the US were just starting their Imperial pattern. Bombing China, taking over the Philippines, attempting it with Cuba, and threatening anyone that would defy those attitudes, the US continued also in the last Century and during our current one. The US continue to support torture and violations as if nothing was actually occurring. Or, can anyone approve of their strikings against the vietnamese people? Unfortunately, President Obama, even with his powerful oratory and communication skills has not departed from this historical immoral approach.

In the 19th. Century, it was Simon Bolivar, soldier and statesman, (1783-1830), who supported the independence of many countries in Latin America, who identified the US the opposite of what they still pretend to be: "The United States appear to be destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty".( Venezuela, continues to be harassed by the US simply because they recovered their oil and rights. Health in that country has also improved, in spite of Mr. Obama's rhetoric. The world seems to be identifying new horizons... but, Will the US be capable of identifying this and behave democratically?

Respectfully submitted, Yours,

José Venturelli, MD, Pediatrician
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Health Sciences - McMaster University -Canada
Member of the European Secretariat of Chile's Ethical Commission Against Torture,
Spokesperson of the Department of Human Rights of Chile's College of Physicians.

PS: I have received feedback from some Chilean doctors and they fully agree with the discussion in favour of Cuba's health system which defends the rights of Cubans. Also they approve of my own comment.

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