giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

Venezuela’s oil wealth and the ire of the US and the globalized media in front of the presidential election in that country.

The US and global associates plundering world's wealth will wage any military coup, electoral fraud or wars against any people. It's their rule of  current (mis) conduct.

Curiously Canadian media often forget their function (i.e., reporting) and cling to their business that control publishers and identify with the highest interests of some of the most aggressive financial and international groups. And those related to Oil are ruthless when it comes to respect people’s rights. Canada increasingly does it too and, in the field of mining, is the largest and most aggressive of people’s rights, something quite shameful that many governments have refused to confront. They use the same means and deceit that the U.S. has used against any country that decides to defend their future and their resources. It is the case of oil… and, of course of Venezuela. The upcoming election is a clear example: blindness and the pretence of being entitled to impose concepts from the World Trade Organization always protecting profit of the few. The so-called “globalization” –this curse against all peoples of the world- harms all countries, their rights and, in turn, benefits banking and speculative sectors. Media mongrels have joined the US hysteria since they lost control of the Venezuelan Oil, which happens to be the country with the largest reserves of black gold. The US protects aggressively their entitlement to profit of every source of wealth, wherever it may be located in the government. It is still part of the absurd XIX century imperial view of the Manifest Destiny, used by the US to invade, Mexico, Cuba, Philippines… They cannot accept Venezuela refining its oil, use it for the benefit of his people and not to subject consumers to the shame of collusion we see in Canada / US every weekend are concluded to steal more in that category. U.S. cannot allow anyone to use its non-renewable resources for the benefit of their peoples. That is why it establishes his “democratic” wars and coups. The sad thing is that Canada joins, as docile and fundamentalist attitudes more aggressive capitalism, to these practices. Let it be in Afghanistan or in the Muslim world or in Africa or the Third World demanding full acceptance of investors are going to win "and if not, do not ask investments. Especially from Canada where it has been rejected by several governments that investments must respect the human rights of each people.

The reality of the economic results and benefits for the Venezuelan people are not debatable. There is plenty of evidence, as indicated by the press. "Socio-economic figures in almost fifteen years of the Chavez government, shown remarkable progress released by the World Bank: poverty reduction from 70 percent in 1996 to 23.4 in 2012. Drop in extreme poverty from 40 percent to 5.1 percent. The unemployment rate is around 6.5 percent and the minimum wage has quadrupled to reach $ 480 monthly. The beneficiaries of the pension system increased from 350,000 to 1,9 million board approved perceive a minimum wage. To this must be added the number of plans in the field of health, education, housing and culture that explains social support Chavez and his government and has even been taken as the axis for Capriles campaign announcing that none of the plans Chavez's social will be removed in the event of his coalition were to win the election. ("Venezuelan elections: a hot red topic”

Governments and economic power groups of the powerful globalization that do not respect Venezuela or his people have questioned the democratic victories of Chavez. In fact, not once there has been evidence of fraud! With no election observers, at no time, has indicated that there has been fraud. With huge stakes embarrass Canadians and other "exemplary democracies": Participation is real because of the social benefits are also real.

Business, worldwide, has established the right of the banks, oil, mining, energy and any other profitable sector to impose their right to profit. But the moral basis for that, simply, is nowhere. The violation of Human Rights worldwide has been the creed of an always more aggressive business style. People around the globe have rights and a repressive attitude from the rich warmongers, that impose their views of “protecting those that, precisely, create the crisis” will only continue to lead to more wars and, then, bankers and big business sharks, get in after to crop. (Former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and so on) These actions want to limit the possibility of establishing sound rights to all countries and people that now do not have them.

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