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Injustices persist in Chile: dictatorships make their own Constitutions for their own objectives. And they ensure, with complicity, to make them last for ever.

Chile: a not so perfect and, much less, democratic country

"Mexico's Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a civil court can hear the case of a general and 21 military officers accused of torture, murder and disappearance of bodies", said in a statement that institution."By seven votes in favour and one against, the full Court ruled that" the military criminal jurisdiction is not the competent jurisdiction to try and punish the perpetrators of human rights violations of civilians, but processing responsibility lies with the courts. Quote from Radio Bio Bio

This occurs in Mexico... but not in Chile. The pseudo aristocratic Chilean establishment and powers may look at it with sardonic arrogance. (They feel to be better to anyone around the world) One needs to think democratically to modify an aberration as big as Chile’s Martial Courts: but they rather pretend . It must be said that Pinochet loved these Martial Courts, he established them at the time of the Coup. He killed and disappeared many people. This, thanks to “his judiciary system”: unfair and dishonest.  A bastion of impunity that lasts until today. It allows criminals against humanity, already condemned, to be released for weekends. Those “prisoners” have golden prisons, not like the inhuman prisons where the Mapuche and other political prisoners are destroyed. the murderers against humanity that have been convicted (and live in golden cages, as Punta Peuco, a 5 star prison, where less than 5% of Pinochet’s minions keep on politicking.  
The current President of the Chilean Supreme Court, Rubén Ballesteros, was an "efficient" judge of those courts... and his career has been to ensure impunity for violators of justice and human rights… and an iron and merciless power for “Chile's ghost enemies”. Never missed the occasion: with any political prisoners, Mapuche people or any of their multiple persecuted Terrorist”. This helps to use as a reference for the real “Justice in Chile”, where injustice, unfairness and collusion and conflicts of interest continue to be a plague. Ballesteros is not alone: he was elected by his peers, justifying the protected witnesses, the use of "confessions" extracted under torture, to accept revocations for sentences in crimes against humanity (as it occurred two weeks ago with the known murderer of Jaime Mendoza Collio, a Mapuche leader. This also the case with many other Mapuche murdered or missing). Also, ensuring safety to those tycoons that do permanent damage to the country, allow immoral wages, and implement the destruction of the environment and the future of our youth.

Chile’s laws are a charade made by Pinochet and his associates. Those that are condemned and whose rights are affected have no option but to have recourse to extreme actions: They may live in hiding to avoid being arrested for crimes that have never occurred. Like the case of Mijael Carbone, 24, spokesperson of the Traditional Mapuche Temucuicui  Community recently condemned to 7 years in prison. Carbone’s community was assaulted, again, last week, by Chile’s Special Forces who announced "to shoot him" whenever they catch him). That is Chile’s law. It is a pathetic, albeit extremely rich, small country with many corrupt and powerful people.

There are those that, used to the on-going impunity for the powerful, use their undemocratic force and can get away with it… But this small country that, please them or not, will change. Yet many politicians established solid collusions and obtained unspeakable powers. For instance a Mayor, who runs schools in “his municipality” may impose to students expulsion simply because he does not like them politically. (This is the same organizer of a public homage to Pinochet and to an other human rights criminal (General Miguel Krassnoff, currently in prison for over 144 years for a long list of proven crimes against humanity. He is one of the few criminals condemned!

Little kingpins from the political establishment abuse their powers:  Particularly these years that students demand the right for an education of quality and with equity.  As Mayors are often part of the fraud of  schools’ privatization imposed by Pinochet and maintained by all governments that followed, they rule as they please. Students are abused if they express their opinions. He called them "disobedient" or simply, terrorists. The power comes in, arrests them and abuses them viciously. Several massive cases have been brought to the Courts with these violations… but, since the cases are taken by the Military Justice, nothing happens.

Expelled students then, go on hunger strikes, as it has been the case of many high school students. (Today, Ángel Muñoz reaches two weeks of hunger strike at INSUCO –Superior Institute of Commerce)

There are judges who decide on major projects that are known to badly affect the environment… but they no moral authority to do it as they are shareholders of those same projects ... That is the case in Aysén, with huge hydroelectric projects or other across the country.  People there had to take the streets, facing and defeating an invasive force sent by the government.  Communities are saying enough against a government and to the socio-economic power that imposes an illegitimate Constitution.

Mothers of children, subjected to torture and continuous institutional abuse have taken UNICEF’s office and went on a hunger strike. Simply because the State does not listen to them and send its militarized police to take their communities by assault.

These days, the Chilean establishment opens season for an electoral circus that will change nothing (any “significant project must have 66 or 75 % approval to make a change). Besides, there is a binominal electoral system that permits that the two largest bodies (the extreme right and he right-new-right (mainly a pseudo left that accommodated itself with Pinochet’s system and have gone for 20 years without making any significant change for democracy. The President of the Senate, Camilo Escalona –supposedly, “socialist” in his own mind, goes even to say that "Chile does not need a new Constitution"…  And an other “socialist”, former President Lagos, (who “reformed for the worst” Pinochet’s Constitution –actually he made it even more repressive and more efficient for the pillage of the country and destruction of the environment) now he says that a “new Concertación is needed” and that "he supports a Constitutional Assembly”… but his records make his electoral strategy, a joke that not even him may believe in.

There are too many of these kingpins, shaped in figure and immorality to the dictator. Often tycoons full of money and hot air, who rose with the power of their “protector”.  That is why there is a long and uphill way to go before we can say we have a decent and fair country. And elections, this unreachable solution, abused by the establishment, having lost any respectability, are once more presented as a déjà vu impossible solution. Given that Chile’s has no freedom of true speech and that protest is criminalized and severely repressed, voting alone is not enough to pretend that this Chile is a democracy. Actually, it makes it worse as it stands.

The world, politicians of the world, if they behave according to what many say, -i.e., democratically and in defense of peoples rights’-, then, they will pressure this not really transparent and rather unjust country.

So, the struggle to attain basic rights continues. 
For a new, decent Constitution and equity for all peoples. 
We must listen to those that struggle... 
not to those that take advantage.

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