sabato 7 settembre 2013

Peace, not war, is needed in Syria: no one has the right to pretend to do "surgical operations", while killing people, then to cover it up and talk of collateral damage.

Peace has always been the desire of the peoples. And it results from a massive participation: yours, mine and everyone else, against warmongers. Today, this is the case for Syria and the Middle East. The unilateral pretence of the US President is unacceptable. His associates are wrong and their acts, immoral.

The US are seeking the support of NATO, the same coalition that supported the Cold War “peaceful intervention” and any intervention that had been “necessary” for the empire and associates to subdue the world, as they did it in the Balkans Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia). If anybody has seen the conditions of the people from the Balkans, today -14 years latter- of that “pacific mission”, would know that living conditions in the region are pathetic. It permitted the destruction and degradation of the entire society.  Killings and Destruction were horrible but the NATO coalition powers pretend today, while hiding the facts, that they brought back “peace, stability and prosperity”. If possible, Iraq is still worse than Yugoslavia.

No one should accept to be excluded from this decision: Participate and denounce that bombing and attacking people, as it has been the case in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq- with Canada’s support is not acceptable. We should not try to save the face of the US. Canadians much less: we are to propose peace and make sure that that is implemented beyond any doubt.  Mr. Harper understands little of this: his first political moves when arrived to the government were just the opposite of this national predicament. He made two major decisions: 1) To cancel the program (Government and Parliament approved) for all First Nations children’s Health, social protection and education. Some $20 billion dollars…  2) His second decision was to go to war to Afghanistan in support of US strategic interests. His budget was well over 20 billions per year… During these days of “preparation for a “new pacific action against Syria” Mr. Harper has said nothing about the killings of children, hence supporting President Obama’s “plea” to protect Syria’s children. President Obama has also said nothing about, that in Iraq, with the same lack of evidence the illegitimate US war hides the death toll, just in the first 4 years, of 500.000 children. These were proven, found and continue to be mourned by the country and their families. Iraq is now totally destroyed and its people have lost the most basic services. And, certainly, no peace was achieved in Iraq.  The US replied, when then Secretary of State, Margaret Albright was openly challenged, “that the cost for the invasion of Iraq (death of 500.000 children) was an acceptable price to pay”.   Paid by whom? Can a Congress or any institution rule that their war actions are morally sound when they imply to “legally kill people”? Is it legitimate, or ever acceptable, that such crimes can be “humane or democratic”? How can that be justified? 

Hiding historical memory, and the associated responsibilities, is a systematic attitude of all repressors. Let us not to forget it. Vested interests in these crimes must not be denied.

Only politically negotiated decisions can bring peace. Any warmongers must not construe this, today, as an approval for the already 200.000 people killed in Syria’s war.  And, once more, powers that are already participant of this civil war, by funding some groups in such war, are part of the conflict. They must not feel innocent and morally authorised to decide over the mass murder we are seeing and refusing to accept. Authorities must listen to their people, to their calls for peace and respect to life and social rights of all people. 

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